Mulch Supplies

At Arborist Tree Techs, our dedication to the environment and trees extends beyond their removal. When we take down entire trees or just a few limbs, they’re fed into our high-powered industrial wood chipper. This process creates premium-quality mulch or wood chips. While many of our tree service clients might not need the resulting mulch, we ensure it’s available to landscapers and gardening enthusiasts. This way, every tree or branch we handle is given a new purpose, making it ideal for enhancing gardens and landscapes. With our commitment, trees benefit the environment, even after removal.

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Firewood Supplies

At Arborist Tree Techs, we believe in utilising every part of the trees we handle. Aside from transforming tree limbs into premium mulch through our wood chipper, we also offer firewood services. The trees and branches we cut down are seasoned and processed to provide top-quality firewood, perfect for those chilly nights or outdoor gatherings. Choosing our firewood not only ensures a warm, crackling fire but also promotes sustainable practices by giving trees another purpose after they’re removed from your property. If you are in need of firewood, please talk to our team today, as we have plenty available.

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